Bulova Sea King Review

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If you’re searching for a new timepiece or the best professional diving instrument, you’ve come to the right place. 

Bulova has a collection of new-in-box discontinued watches that you can choose from called the Bulova Sea King. This line is also composed of top-notch watches that depict excellent value for money.

Bulova is a brand that sells one-of-a-kind watches, including diving watches that are built for the modern individual. Their Sea King line is a collection of dive watches that are perfect for professional divers and people who love water activities. 

The Bulova Sea King collection offers high accuracy quartz watches that include exceptional features that you are looking for in a dive watch such as water resistance, quality material, a chronograph function, and ultra high-frequency movement, a strap extension, and a unique style. 

Apart from their aesthetic design, these watches were carefully detailed with titanium clips and keepers with the help of an automatic control system.

The watch’s titanium construction keeps the watch secure and surprisingly comfortable when worn on the wrist. So, it’s no surprise why a lot of swimmers and casual divers admire this timepiece so much.

If you want to know more about the Bulova Sea King Review, keep reading to find out.

TLDR: Review of the Bulova Sea King

Product Description

The Bulova Sea King line consists of dive watches made for the modern individual, whether they’re a professional diver or a casual wearer. Aside from Bulova, only a few watch brands provide quality watches at an outstanding but reasonable price. This makes Bulova one step ahead of other brands.

What separates Bulova from other watch brands is that they focus on producing watches that attract different types of consumers. They not only concentrate on the UFH technology movement and innovations, which only a few people can bear.

Some of the most prominent features of the Sea King line are its stylish design, ultra high-frequency movement, large and durable cases, and quality material. This combination of features and materials makes it the ideal standard for a great dive watch.

The Sea King watch is a colossus, making it suitable both for diving or a casual day. Its case width measures between 46 millimeters to 50 millimeters and a length of 55.5 millimeters. It also includes a rubber strap contoured to fit against the case, which is ample in size and appearance. 

This chronograph watch collection also kept the super-accurate time to two seconds a day. This feat aided NASA to inquire to use their timing expertise for their computers in their 1960s space program.

 Fun fact: a Bulova timer was placed on the moon’s sea of tranquility. This timer controls and oversees all the transmissions of important information for years.

One feature to admire about the Bulova Sea King is its attention to detail. The watches include an anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal, thanks to its flat glass. All watches in the Sea King line also feature top-quality stainless steel cases. Another great model is their UHF steel chronograph watch, which vibrates at 262 kHz thanks to its three-prong quartz oscillators.

Bulova is also known for offering its consumers a big watch that provides accurate time. The Sea King watch either features a model with a Japanese quartz movement or a Swiss Automatic movement. Not only that, but its high accuracy quartz movements also include Bulova Precisionist Technology.

When it comes to their design, the Bulova Sea King watches offer a masculine and rugged look. This tough-looking aesthetic is perfect since dive watches are originally designed for heavy use. It also features a date window and a unidirectional bezel.

Lastly, the Bulova Sea King watch collection is made of top-quality and durable materials. Its stainless steel case ensures that your daily bumps and dings won’t damage your dive watch. On the other hand, the sapphire crystals will protect the black dial from scratches. This automatic watch also assures you an incredible water resistance of 1000 meters or 3280 feet, which will perform for a long time underwater.

Pros and Cons


Here are some of the pros of the Bulova Sea King watch:

  • Offers a wide variety of designs
  • Includes a rubber strap and date window
  • Has a unidirectional bezel and UHF movement
  • Features an intuitive bezel locking system
  • Suitable for swimming or formal occasions
  • Made out of top-quality and durable materials
  • Includes a Japanese quartz movement or Swiss-made movement
  • Features a stainless steel case
  • Features an anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal
  • Water-resistant of 1000 m or 3280 ft


Here are the cons to know more about the Bulova Sea King watch:

  • Not suitable for those with smaller wrists

Is it worth it?

Yes. The Bulova Sea King collection is a worthy timepiece to invest in, especially if you are a dive watcher or enjoy water sports activities. However, this stylish watch also makes it suitable for formal occasions.

What makes this watch worth the purchase is its excellent features. One feature to admire about it is its unique but durable design. Despite its enormous size, the watch sits comfortably on the wrist and does not easily fall off due to its construction.

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In-Depth Review of the Bulova Sea King


Dimensions5.91 x 5.91 x 5.91 inches; 8.8 Ounces
Water resistance1000 meters / 3280 feet
Movement262 kHz Ultra High-Frequency quartz
Batteries / Battery life1 CR2 batteries / 2 to 3 years
CaseStainless steel
Bezel and functionStainless steel
Calendar Date window
Quartz CrystalAnti-reflective Sapphire crystal (flat)
CrownScrew down crown
LumeSecond hand and hour markers

Quality and Durability

This dive watch includes large and durable stainless steel cases and a black finished bezel. The bezel was intended to be designed that way so the white markers will be noticeable on the tachymeter. This design makes it a good dive watch.

On the left side of the watch’s case, you will find an intuitive bezel locking system. This convenient feature protects you from accidentally turning off the bezel and reduces your time interval while diving. 

It also features an Anti-reflective coated Sapphire crystal. The Sea King watch has thick luminous hands and hour markers, including a flat black dial that stands out like creamsicles in space.

Inside this timepiece, you can also find a UHF technology that is connected to the high-performance quartz. Meanwhile, it is water-resistant up to 1000 meters or 3280 feet, making it ideal for water sports activities such as scuba diving. 

One feature to look at the Bulova Sea King watch is its second-hand sweep. The 262 kHz quartz movement is another feature to consider since it provides +/- ten seconds per year accuracy. To put it simply, this feature is in the range of high accuracy quartz (HAQ) watches, which can cost up to thousands. 

Apart from the smooth second hand sweep, the Bulova Sea King watch is also known for its accuracy counts. After a week of tracking, the watch remained super accurate compared to the atomic clock.

Additional Features

Unlike other brands, this large watch does not include Arabic numerals on its dial. Instead, Sea King features large circular markers with only the number 12. Bulova is also a lume monster, known to have some of the brightest lumes. You will also see an odd hue by simply looking at its markers, which are full of luminous pigment. This excellent feature allows you to read the time in low-light and dark situations.

Their watches also include rubber straps, which are waterproof just like its stainless steel case. The strap extension fits against the case and between the 24 millimeter wide lugs. 


The Bulova watch is covered by a 3-year global warranty. In case your Bulova watch requires warranty or non-warranty service, we recommend you to send it to an authorized Bulova Service Center or visit a Service Center Locator.

Who is it Best For?

The Bulova Sea King watch is best for those who are professional divers or anyone who enjoys water sports. These watches are water-resistant and specially designed for swimmers.

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What Do People Say About it?


Teresia Dean left a positive review of the Bulova Sea King watch (98B242 model) and gave the product four out of five stars. She also cited the watch’s advantages and disadvantages in the comments by writing, “Heavy and big, but tough as heck and so accurate and smooth.”

She writes in the comments that she likes the watch’s great lume, which is bright and long-lasting. She also praises its highly readable, black dial and handset, sapphire crystal, and quality movement.

However, she also mentioned that the watch is heavy enough to move a lot up and down the wrist. The clasp isn’t the best as well, since the black stainless steel bracelet only utilizes a pin and collar system.

Overall, the Bulova Sea King watch provides great value for money with a few minor weak points. 


Watches Sometimes uploaded a YouTube video reviewing the Bulova Sea King watch. “This watch is surprisingly heavy. The heft of this watch is amazing. I’m quite surprised to see a quartz watch that weighs so much. And the overall view is really good.”

“Initially, I had some doubts about the finishing of Bulova. but the finishing of the watch is fine. Nothing really amazing, but it’s fine.” 

Another channel named iReviewWatches.com reviewed the Bulova Sea King 96B228 model. He explained, “The watch has a quartz movement. Not just a regular one but it is made by the Japanese military. It offers a year accuracy feature and gives about ten seconds per year. The estimated battery life is three years.”

The watch also includes a black leather strap with a heavy buckle. Its black strap extension also makes it useful for a dry diving suit. As also seen on the dial, it has 300 meters of water resistance and a unidirectional rotating bezel.

One feature that he admired about the Bulova watch is the brightest lume, which he also tested. He also praised the UFH technology, which is a hand sweep movement and looks cool for him. He also mentioned the second-hand moves eight little steps in one second. However, it’s not noticeable due to its sweep movement. 

The watch is best for those with a huge wrist size. Another feature that he admired is its durability and how it doesn’t fall off easily on the wrist. 

The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

If you’re looking for the best diving watches, you might want to check out the Bulova Sea King line. This chronograph watch collection includes all the features that you look for in a great watch for diving. Some features include excellent water resistance, an Anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and a standard quartz movement.

We highly recommend you to try the Bulova Sea King watch. This brand is perfect for diving professionals and those who enjoy water sports. The Sea King watches are also suitable for formal occasions. Its excellent construction also makes the watch comfortable when worn on the wrist, despite its large size.

To sum it all up, the Bulova Sea King collection symbolizes versatility and flexibility. Their watches come with a big, classy, and comfortable look for the wearer. Its strap is also durable, which prevents the watch from easily falling off.

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