Bulova Curv Review

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If you’re on a search for a moon watch that will make you stand out and feel comfortable on the wrist, the Bulova Curv might be the watch you’re looking for.

The Bulova Curv collection is known for its long history of firsts, specifically for being the world’s first curved chronograph movement. Ever since its release in 2016, it has grabbed a lot of attention from watch enthusiasts.

Bulova watches are not afraid to break the rules when it comes to designing their timepieces. This collection of super-accurate timepieces has even made headlines not only for their curved shape but for their sophisticated design as well.

The Bulova Curv watches are a phenomenon in technical engineering. Apart from the curve case’s stunning design, it is also surprisingly comfortable on the wrist. 

Many watch brands like Seiko and Rolex have attempted to create watches with curved lugs. So far, only Bulova has perfected this. It also includes a sleek ergonomic style, a quartz movement, titanium or stainless steel case, and a curved case in a chronograph movement. 

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TLDR: Review of the Bulova Curv Review

Product Description

The Bulova Curv collection is composed of accurate timepieces and is known for being the world’s first curved movement. Some watches from the Bulova Curv line are classic timepieces, but also offer a striking series of sports watches and dress watches.

Bulova Curv’s details offer a combination of the brand’s top-quality innovation, style, and craftsmanship. The Bulova Curv includes a watch face or a dial that includes a stylish dial. It also has openings to display its quartz movement inside. The dial appears to have multiple layers, thanks to its opening. This also offers the watch an admirable depth perception.

Their watches are futuristic and include a gunmetal colorway and rose gold tones. Their curved watch also provides either a strap or a clasp, a large watch face, quartz movements, and a skeleton dial, which makes it look expensive. 

Its case measure stretches 44 millimeters or 1.73 inches in width, which is also made from titanium or stainless steel. The case goes well with the watch and feels lightweight on the wrist. The Bulova Curv is perfect for those looking for a timepiece that will make them stand out and explore their style.

What separates the Bulova Curv watches from other brands is that they do not have the main seconds hand. Instead, they include two to three pushers, which are for chronograph sub-dials. The Bulova Curv watches include three subdials: on the right, you’ll find the 60-minute subdial. While on the left, is the 12-hour sub-dial and on the bottom, is the 60-second sub-dial. This helps you read the hours, minutes, and chronograph seconds passed.

One interesting thing to admire about the Bulova Curv watch is its Sapphire crystal, which is anti-reflective and curved around the case. Among the three most common watch crystals, Sapphire is the best. Compared to the normal mineral crystal, this is also scratch-resistant and features a higher impact resistance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the sun blinding your eyes from your watch.

The Bulova Curv watch also offers water resistance, which can go up to 100 feet or 300 meters. Additionally, it also includes 262 kHz vibrational frequencies and an exclusive high-performance quartz technology.

Pros and Cons


Here are some of the most interesting and excellent specifications of the Bulova Curv:

  • Known for being the world’s first curved chronograph movement
  • Provides quartz movements
  • Has chronograph sub-dials
  • Offers a deployment clasp
  • Include a rose gold and gunmetal colorway
  • Includes a black dial that can be viewed in the front and back
  • Includes an anti-reflective curved Sapphire glass
  • Available in titanium case or stainless steel case
  • Offers you precise and accurate time
  • Has a water resistance of 300 m or 100 ft


Here are a few flaws to get a better understanding of the watch:

  • Has a rubber strap
  • The crown is too small

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Is it worth it?

Yes. The Bulova Curv collection of unique and stylish watches. Its rare features such as its rose gold accents, skeleton dial, precisionist movement, and anti-reflective Sapphire glass make up for the expensive price.

If you are a watch enthusiast who is seeking a timepiece that will also make you stand out from the crowd, then the Curv line is totally worth it for you!

In-Depth Review of the Bulova Curv


Case diameter44 mm
Thickness10.1 mm
CaseTitanium / Stainless steel
StrapBlack rubber strap
DialGrey exhibition case back with rose gold-tone accents
CrystalCurved sapphire glass, anti-reflective
Sub-dials3 subdials, chronograph seconds and hours 
Movement Bulova Ultra High-Frequency Movement, Quartz Movement with 262 kHz frequency
ClaspDeployment clasp
Battery2-3 years
Item weight 15.87 ounces

Quality and Durability

The Bulova Curv watch offers its wearers a truly remarkable design. Curved watches are elusive in the market nowadays. Aside from its unique and stylish design, the curved case ensures a comfortable experience.  

By taking a closer look at its curved case, you’ll see that it is made from titanium or stainless steel. This material also feels lightweight and comfortable on the wrist. Additionally, Bulova also includes an exhibition case-back that shows the watch’s curved quartz movement from the back of the watch. 

Interestingly, its ultra-high frequency is similar to the precisionist movement, which is another term that Bulova uses on its ads and website.

However, one imperfection of the curved watch is its rubber strap. Its strap cannot be replaced due to its special connection design. There is also no feature to know if the battery is running out. On the other hand, the strap still looks stylish when it is paired with a dressier look.

Additional Features

The Bulova Curv is a watch collection that offers a five-hand chronograph available in titanium and stainless steel case. It also offers excellent features such as an exhibition screw-back case design, an anti-reflective sapphire glass, luminous hands and markers, a rubber strap, and standard quartz movements.

Despite its enormous size, the Curv line is still suitable for people with a smaller wrist size. Another interesting feature to look at the Curv watches is their high-performance quartz Curv chronograph movement with 262 kHz frequency. 

This cutting-edge quartz movement vibrates at 262 kHz, which is eight times faster than the normal quartz. This results in a much more accurate quartz movement. In other words, Bulova’s ultra-high frequency (UHF) and precisionist movement will only lose or gain that much time in a year.

Lastly, the Curv watch collection offers a water resistance of 300 meters or 100 feet underwater. This watch makes it suitable for water activities such as swimming and diving.


Bulova Curv offers a 3-year global warranty. In case your curved watch requires warranty and non-warranty service, kindly send it to an authorized Bulova Service Center or visit their Service Center Locator.

Who is it Best For?

The Bulova Curv chronograph watch is best for individuals looking for a unique watch that will make them stand out and feel comfortable on the wrist. Its curved Sapphire crystal and case are what make the watch unique and stylish. This chronograph watch is also ideal for those looking for lightweight, water-resistant, and comfortable watches.

What Do People Say About it?


An Amazon customer named Lila Lager gave the Bulova Curv watch a positive review and gave it five stars. She describes the watch as “comfortable but cool.” She also adds, “It has a sapphire-covered case and stopwatch. No dates, but the sepia blue-colored face is just super stunning!”

Jeremy Lamoreux also rated the watch five stars and described it as “adaptable, sleek, and comfortable.” He wrote in the comments, “This is a watch that can be worn anyplace, time, or situation. Sleek while dressed up in suits and stylish while wearing jeans. It is gorgeous, and the curved design is something spectacular. Easily say that it is the most comfortable metal watch I own, and I own a lot of watches.”


Gabriel of The Time Collector uploaded a YouTube video and reviewed the Bulova Curv watch, specifically the 98A185 model. “Bulova is a brand that I admire for different reasons,” Gabriel said. 

“One, because for the most part, they’re pretty unique. And two, because they purposely do it with a sense of boldness. They did not create the wheel, but rather ran with it and chose a different path with their innovations.”

He says that the rubber strap is not his most favorite feature and dislikes that it cannot be replaced. However, he admires the exhibition case back. He also loves how the watch hugs the wrist. He also finds the crown too small, giving him difficulty pulling it.

Realm of Watches also uploaded a video reviewing the Bulova Curv 96A205 and briefly explained the history of the brand and the collection.

After explaining the model’s specs, he concludes that the watch is far more accurate than a standard battery. “Because of this faster oscillation, this watch will lose or gain rather than 15 to 30 seconds a month, eight to 10 seconds per year.”

He also mentioned that the stainless steel case doesn’t look like it measures 44 millimeters, but feels 42 millimeters on the wrist. He also added, “It’s definitely comfortable to wear, and it’s certainly a slick design. And of course, you’ve got your accuracy with their 262 kHz movement.”

The Verdict: Should You Buy It?

For our final thoughts: if you’re on a search for a watch that offers unique and excellent features such as a quartz movement, a curved design, a rubber strap, quartz technology, a titanium or stainless steel case, and an exhibition case-back, you might want to check out the Bulova Curv watches.

We highly recommend the Bulova Curv line especially for individuals who want a watch that will make them stand out. This collection offers rare but excellent features that you cannot find in other watches, making it worth the purchase.

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