Best Watch Investment Under 2000

Just like the saying, “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes,” it’s the same with women’s and men’s watches. 

Some people wear expensive watches to express their style and refinement. Meanwhile, others wear digital watches to show their sense of adventure. Moreover, people who wear watches are usually seen as reliable and punctual. 

This article will cover the best men’s watches under 2,000. It includes reviews, pros and cons, and a buying guide, so check it out. 

If you’re interested to know more about the most iconic watches under 2,000, keep reading!

Best Luxury Watches Under 2000

1. Tag Heuer Formula 1

Product Description

One of the top luxury watch companies in the world, TAG Heuer has a long history of invention and strong ties to auto racing and sports timing. 

Since 1986, a year after Techniques d’Avant Garde (TAG) purchased Heuer, the F1 model series has featured in some form or fashion. These are particularly fit for racing and watch enthusiasts who may be on a budget but do not compromise their love of the brand or motor racing. 

They are large, bold, stunning and offer automatic movement. With the new TAG Heuer Formula 1 watches, you get a recognizable brand, reliable timepieces, and a casual sporty-chic style.

If you don’t mind quartz movements, these are also of great value.


  • Sporting history.
  • It has an excellent finish.
  • The stainless steel has been brushed and polished to a high grade for an entry-level timepiece.
  • Ideal for men and women


  • Its clasp only has one lock; it should have two locks.
  • The clip requires at least one additional micro adjustment hole.

2. Junghans Max Bill Automatic

Product Description

Since 1861, Junghans has been reflecting Germany by creating incredibly accurate models with a creative flair. 

This stainless steel watch has served as a standard for modern watch movements and is a classic. It is of excellent quality and somewhat costly for contemporary minimalist watches.

The automated version is the perfect modern upgrade with a slightly bigger 38mm diameter than the standard design. 

The automated ETA 2824-2 movement, built in Switzerland, is the basis for the caliber J800.1 that beats inside. It is a dependable workhorse movement with 25 jewels, a 38-hour power reserve, and hacking seconds. 


  • Elegantly simple.
  • Value for money. 


  • Compared to a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, Plexiglass is less robust.
  • In general, they are a little more delicate than dive watches. Wear carefully.

3. Oris Big Crown ProPilot

Product Description

Almost everything about this watch is oversized and practical, as the name would imply. 

It may not appeal to many people because it is a pilot’s watch, but when you examine it more closely, you genuinely start to appreciate it for what it is: a brilliantly designed and made piece of art on your wrist.

The ProPilot requires a certain amount of wrist presence. The numbers are spaced apart enough to keep the dial from looking cluttered and are large enough to be visible.

A beveled edge is on the lower side of the case, which is part of the redesign to create a smaller case profile. The case is a decent size, measuring 41mm in diameter and a little over 12mm thick.


  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Wearable
  • Incredibly readable


  • Thirty-eight hours of battery life.
  • Lume fades quickly.

4. Montblanc Heritage GMT Silver Watch

Product Description

At SIHH 2019, the new Heritage collection debuted back in January.

Montblanc Heritage is one of the best GMT watches out there. This watch will catch your eye immediately because of its elegant silvery-white face, stainless steel bezel, and gray alligator leather band.

The goal of the collection was to produce a line of timepieces that would appeal to those who like more traditional, old-inspired designs without making the fake vintage items that have recently been fashionable. 

Starting with a 40mm polished stainless steel case with arching lugs and a smooth bezel, the Heritage GMT is built to last.  It sounds lovely and works much better when you strap the watch because it is only 11.8mm thick. 


  • Self-winding automatic watch
  • Value for money
  • Stylish
  • Attractive dial


  • Little slim

5. Longines Legend Diver

Product Description

When first seeing the Longines Legend Diver in person, its remarkable appearance is the thing that strikes out most. 

Despite its mid-century roots and vintage style, this watch is by no means a discreet timepiece. This vintage watch has a larger-than-average size with lugs that seem to continue forever and an entirely polished casing.

In short, the Longines Legend Diver is an exceptional timepiece. This watch with a brown leather strap appears to be a fashionable version of a high-end retro wristwatch at first glance. 

However, a practical diver is concealed beneath this attire and is in no way inferior to the competitors in terms of construction quality, material selection, or usefulness. 


  • Interesting history
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Beautiful dial
  • Comfortable strap


  • Not suitable for small wrists

6. Rado Captain Cook Automatic

Product Description

The new Automatic 200-meter water resistance, a ceramic bezel with smooth and tight movement, and a highly legible dial have all the makings of a good dive watch. 

Captain Cook can be worn smaller than a standard 42-millimeter case thanks to the short lugs, which keep the case snug against the wrist and prevent protruding lugs.

Without considering different colors, Swiss watchmaker Rado now lists five watches with “Captain Cook” on its website, the most recent of which is this subtly titled “Captain Cook Automatic.” 

The Rado Captain Cook watch in question is currently the best on the market. It’s a reasonably priced, superbly constructed sports watch with a steel bracelet. The new model couldn’t be more different. 

Instead, it demonstrates that we can still get high-quality watches on a budget while still receiving the same level of product quality as watches that cost half as much or more.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Water-resistant
  • Great build quality
  • Available in various colors


  • Bulky and large

7. Oris Divers Sixty Five

Product Description

Oris has a history of producing expensive, limited-edition timepieces. Oris dug through its archives and pulled up the Oris Divers Sixty-Five, a diving watch from half a decade earlier. 

This watch is an excellent illustration of how a manufacturer successfully recreated a vintage item. This timepiece has an appearance that is very similar to the original, but it features a more giant, more contemporary-looking stainless steel case.

The Diver’s Sixty-Five case is 48-millimeter from lug to lug, 12-millimeter thick, and 40-millimeter wide. In addition, the dial is beautiful and blends a symmetrical no-date dial with various applied hour markers and hands that are still attractive.


  • Aesthetically pleasing design and various options
  • Beautiful vintage-style watch 
  • Inexpensive
  • Ergonomic design


  • Bracelet cases’ integration needs improvement
  • Only offers 300-feet water resistance

8. Fortis Flieger F-39

Product Description

If there is one thing Fortis is known for, it is undoubtedly its rugged and reliable pilots watches and extensive involvement in space and aviation.

The most recent addition to the Fortis Flieger series features a 39-millimeter or 41-millimeter case and a contemporary interpretation of the well-established Flieger (“pilot”) format. The original Fortis Flieger was produced in 1987.

The Fortis Flieger is an actual pilot watch, as you could have guessed from its name. And its features reflect that.

Moreover, a bidirectional bezel borders the dial. It functions as a timer or a dual time display and is graded with a 12-hour scale. With its significantly raised coin-edge shape and 24 clicks, the bezel is simple to use. 


  • Durable and reliable
  • The bezel is easy to use


  • They are on the long side.

What to Look for in a Watch Investment Under 2000?

Here are some features to consider when buying a watch investment under $2000:

1. Brand

Learning more about the brand or the designer is essential to make sure you purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

This feature is also essential to find out how long they have been making watches and how reliable they are in durability. To determine how trustworthy a brand is, you need also look at its country of origin.

3. Style

There are many different styles and sizes of watches. After deciding on the brand you want to purchase, it is time to pick the appropriate design. 

Each watch company provides a variety of watch collections with unique designs and aesthetics. So, make a comprehensive comparison of each based on your characteristics before purchasing. 

4. Materials

It’s time to examine the materials after selecting the appropriate design or style. Naturally, watch brands use premium materials to create each of these expensive timepieces. 

But how long do they last, exactly? You should consider the material’s durability and its qualities as one factor.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

bets watch investment under 2000

Fortis is the brand to choose if you want a traditional Flieger layout with a touch of modern flair. 

Are you looking for a minimalist watch? Try the Junghans Max Bill stainless steel watch, which epitomizes simplicity and minimalism. If you want to show your sporty and adventurous side, we suggest getting the Tag Heuer Formula 1.

Regardless of your choice, know that all the above-listed men’s watches are some of the most iconic vintage watches you can have. 

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