Best Swiss Dive Watch Under $1000

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Some watch enthusiasts may be willing to invest in luxurious and various timepieces as the newest addition to their beloved collection. 

However, not everyone can afford high-end dive watches, let alone spend several thousand to hundreds of bucks. Therefore, we searched for some of the best swiss dive watches under $1000.

A Swiss-made timepiece is a must-have, whether you’re a watch collector, an amateur or professional diver, or an average person looking for a decent timepiece. These dive watches are some of the best dive watches that the watch market has to offer.

Swiss dive watches offer an outstanding reputation and come with prestige, thanks to Switzerland’s art of horology. 

They may not be the first country to invent and produce watches, but they have improved and upgraded it, which helped the industry increase its sales.

We’ve gathered these Swiss-made dive watches, which are all under 1,000. These timepieces will surely fit your budget and still offer you a stylish design, durable construction, and other amazing features. 

We’ve included a broad range of options for you to choose from and that best fit your style for an affordable price. 

If you’re interested to know more about the best dive watches under 1,000, keep reading.

The Best Swiss Dive Watch Under $1000

1. Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Watch

Product Description

If you’re looking for a timepiece that will guarantee you to make a splash while in style, you might want to check out this Khaki Navy Scuba Watch by Hamilton. This will suit you whether you’re at a beachside, poolside, or in the deep blue ocean.

The Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba H82315331 model is a round-shaped men’s dive watch that includes a Swiss-made and automatic movement. It also offers an H-10 caliber, a 20-millimeter lug width, and an 18-millimeter pin buckle for closure. 

Its stainless steel case material measures 40 millimeters, while its diameter is also 40 millimeters long. As for its case thickness, it measures 0.129 millimeters. 

One key feature to admire about this dive watch is its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. It also features a unidirectional rotating bezel, which can be useful. Its band material is made out of black rubber, which also measures 20 millimeters in width. 

Apart from its durability and functionality, this dive watch also has an aesthetically pleasing design. This dive watch will keep you cool even in the warm weather and temperature, making it perfect for surfers, snorkelers, navy seals, or beach lovers.

Lastly, it offers water resistance up to 100 meters and battery life or 80 hours of power reserve. Not to mention, it also offers a product warranty. 


  • Comes with a Swiss-made and automatic movement
  • Includes an H-10 caliber
  • Has a 20-mm lug width 
  • Provides a power reserve indicator of 80 hours
  • Includes a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
  • Features a unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Made out of black rubber strap
  • Depth rating up to 100 meters


  • Not ISO certified

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2. Longines HydroConquest

Product Description

Another great option is this automatic watch called the Longines HydroConquest L37404566 model. It also features a sapphire crystal that is scratch-resistant, a unidirectional rotating bezel, a screw-down crown, and a deployment clasp.

One interesting feature about this watch is that it is only good for a decade. This might seem like a deal-breaker for some consumers. However, it can also be a good value for your money. 

For its stainless steel case, it measures 41 millimeters long. Meanwhile, it measures 41 millimeters in diameter and 13 millimeters in thickness. Its stainless steel bracelet offers double security folding with an integrated diving extension.

It also comes with an ETA-based mechanical Longines l633 movement. On the other hand, its band material is constructed out of stainless steel, which measures 21 millimeters in width. 

Apart from its Swiss and quartz movement, other features of this watch include the date, hour, minute, second, and E.O.L. indicator. Lastly, it offers impressive 300-meter water resistance, making it suitable for serious water activities.


  • Comes with an ETA-based mechanical Longines 633 movement
  • Offers a double security folding bracelet with an integrated diving extension
  • Provides a stainless steel bracelet, case, and band
  • Has a unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Features a scratch-resistant sapphire bezel
  • Offers a depth rating of up to 300 meters


  • Only good for 10 years

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3. Raymond Weil Tango Dive Watch

Product Description

The Raymond Weil Tango 8160-ST2-20001 model is another excellent men’s diving watch that offers a Swiss-made automatic movement. This features an anti-reflective coating for sapphire glass, which can help prevent the sun from blinding you. It also comes with a deployment clasp with a double push-button.

Its stainless steel case measures 41 millimeters in diameter and 10 millimeters in thickness. Its band is also constructed out of stainless steel, which is 9.5 inches in size. On the other hand, the bezel is also made out of the same material and offers a stationary function.

One amazing feature to admire about this is its water-resistance that offers up to 984 feet! This means that you can not only utilize this for simple water activities but is also suitable for adventurous ocean activities like mix-gassed scuba diving.


  • Has an anti-reflective sapphire 
  • Comes with a deployment clasp with a double push-button
  • Has a unidirectional bezel that rotates
  • Offers luminous hand markers
  • Has a calendar date display at 3 o’clock position
  • Includes a stainless steel band, case, and bezel
  • Offers a 984-feet water resistance


  • Fiddly to adjust

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4. Marathon Tsar Swiss-Made Military Watch

Product Description

If you’re looking for a high-quality Swiss-made diving watch, the Marathon Tsar Swiss-Made Military might be exactly what you’re looking for. This WW194007 Diver’s Quartz Medium men’s watch was built to ISO 6425 standards. 

This is also a smaller and medium-sized rendition of Marathon’s collection of diving watches, making it ideal for someone who prefers a smaller size but also wants a watch that is tough, reliable, and military-inspired.

One feature to admire about the Marathon Tsar watch is that it glows in the dark, making it suitable to wear in low-light and dark locations. Its brushed stainless steel case measures 43 millimeters in diameter and 13.55 millimeters in thickness.

Other features of this include a rubber strap, an analog display type, a screw-in engraved back, and a Swiss ETA quartz-operated battery. Lastly, it offers a water resistance of up to 300 meters, which is adequate for simple to moderate water activities. 


  • Glows in the dark
  • Has a rubber band
  • Military-inspired
  • Built to ISO 6425 standards
  • Includes a Swiss ETA quartz operated battery
  • Offers a 300-meter water resistance
  • Has an anti-reflective Sapphire


  • Has poor quality control

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5. Mido Ocean Star

Product Description

For our last pick, we found this Mido Ocean Star in model M86004214. Also known as the Baroncelli watch, this Swiss-made timepiece is very discreet and chic and suitable for both men and women. 

This offers a classic design and includes an automatic movement and is also available in various sober bracelets and pure dials. Another key feature of this watch is an anti-reflective sapphire. 

Its stainless steel case measures 38 millimeters in diameter and 9 millimeters in thickness. On the other hand, its leather band measures 18 millimeters in width. 

Other features include a deployment clasp, leather band, and a Swiss movement. Lastly, it has a water resistance of up to 165 feet.


  • Has a discreet and chic style
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Features an anti-reflective sapphire
  • Has a stainless steel bezel and case
  • Includes a Swiss Automatic movement
  • Offers a water resistance of up to 165 feet
  • Available in various sober bracelets and pure dials

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What to Look For in a Swiss Dive Watches Under $1000?

Before you rush to the nearest store and swipe your credit cards, here are a few features you might want to consider first when looking for dive watches under 1000:

1. Quality

One of the most important features to consider when searching for any kind of watch is its quality. 

Apart from its style, it’s essential to look at the watch’s construction, materials, and other additional features. 

One key feature is to look at a timepiece is its double domed sapphire crystal, which can assure you the watch’s quality.

2. Durability

Another important feature to consider is the durability of the timepiece. Unfortunately, some watches are manufactured poorly and are being sold for unreasonable prices. One way to check if a watch is durable is to read reviews and learn more about the product before buying it.

3. Water resistance

Since you’re not only buying a simple dive watch, you might want to check its water-resistance as well. 

Some dive watches can go up to 500 meters of water resistance or depth rating. However, some dive watches that only provide 200 to 300 meters are also considered to be adequate or good quality.

4. Design

One of the best and exciting parts of looking at a dive watch is choosing a design. Generally, watches come in different colors and designs. 

Luckily, the timepiece industry offers a wide variety of choices for you to choose from and will fit your personality. Whether you’re minimalist, elegant, or adventurous.

5. Power reserve

Since you will be searching for a dive watch, battery life or hours of power reserve is another essential feature. 

Some dive watches offer up to more than 900 feet of depth rating. However, a water-resistant watch of up to 200 or 300 meters is enough for you who enjoy other water activities.


Searching for a dive watch that offers an excellent Swiss-made movement can be expensive and a challenge, so we gathered some of the best dive watches under 1000 that will not break your bank account. 

We highly recommend you to buy the Mido Ocean Star as your favorite ocean-going timepiece. Aside from its Swiss movement, it also includes other excellent features such as an anti-reflective sapphire, a chic style, and a depth rating of up to 165 feet.

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