Best Protective Film For Rolex

No matter how reasonable the function and performance of a Rolex watch or how high its price is, there are still factors that can impact its lifespan. Dust, humidity, and scratches are some of them. So, to ensure that your Rolex watch performs well for many years as on the day you bought it, all that’s needed is to give it the slightest bit of care. 

Listed below are some of the best protective films for Rolex. Our team has tried it ourselves, and we can guarantee they can maintain and protect your watch from everyday scuffs and scratches. 

Putting a protective film on the watch has been proven to help maintain the watch’s shiny new appearance. This material can protect the case (left and right), bezel, case back, bracelet, and the buckle of a Rolex watch.

If you’re looking for the best protective films for Rolex, keep reading!

Top 4 Best Protective Films for Rolex

1. Healing Shield Protection Film

Product Description

Rolex’s premium watch protection film is an ideal guard for your investment. It is scratch-resistant, high-touch sensitive, and features a hard coating to ensure near invisible protection for your Oyster Perpetual Datejust. It’s even available in custom sizes to perfectly fit other Rolex models.

The Healing Shielf watch film is designed to prolong the life of your Rolex by protecting the front and side surfaces. It is made of a highly durable film that offers high-definition and clear visibility from all angles.

Our research indicates that it doesn’t pick up fingerprints and is easy to install. All you have to do is clean the surface of your Rolex watch first by using a microfibre cloth, check the size of the protector with your timepiece, peel off the film, and apply it carefully to the smartwatch using tweezers.


  • Anti-scratch
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Hard coating
  • Offers near invisible protection
  • Good value for money
  • Has a “rubber-like” film to it


  • Some portions of the film took longer than others
  • Few negative reviews from online buyers about missing protective film on the clasp

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2. Salmue Anti-Static Transparent PVC Protective Film Tape for Watch

Product Description

The Salmue Anti-Static Transparent PVC Protective Film Tape for Watch is designed not just to protect Rolex timepieces but also gemstones and jewelry. 

Our findings show that it’s not sticky, so it leaves no residuum after use. Aside from that, it also works well in preventing dust, fingerprints, and scratches. 

And since it comes in a roll package, it is convenient to store and use. The film even has good stretchability, puncture resistance, and high transparency. You’d most likely want to have all these features in a film.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Easily removable without residuum
  • Good stretchability
  • High transparency
  • Preserves finishes
  • You can use it to film other items, not just watches


  • Takes getting used to

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3. Skoko Full Body Protective Film – Glossy Clear Skin

Product Description

This protective film from Skoko preserves your watch’s luster and fresh glow for years to come. It is scratch-resistant and accurately measured for Rolex Datejust, or other Rolex watches with a 36mm dial.

A product certified in the Korean market, the Skoko is bubble-free, easy to install, and doesn’t stick.

Once you purchase this film, the tweezers, squeegee, alcohol cleaning wipes, and dust remover in your cart are also included to make installation easier.


  • Bubble-free
  • Easy installation
  • Protects every corner of your watch
  • Durable
  • Comes with other watch protection accessories


  • Limited to Rolex watches with 36mm dial sizes only

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4. RX-8 Watch Protection Film

Product Description

Another product we’ve tried but may not be available in some countries is the RX-8 Watch Protection Film. 

We especially like this because it is made from a multi-layered TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film, a material used in the biomedical and aerospace industries.

Receive updates about this watch film from the RX-8 website. 


  • No residual glue after stripping
  • High translucent
  • Self-healing function
  • Abrasion-resistant 
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Not available on Amazon
  • Additional fees may be payable at the point of delivery.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Protection Film for Rolex?

best protective film for rolex

To choose the proper protective film for your Rolex watch, consider the following elements before getting your cart added:

1. Quality

Get a film that meets the basic abrasion-resistant and scratch-resistant requirements. Of course, the quality may depend on your budget. But on the whole, it’s not that difficult for watch owners to find high-quality protection films for reasonable prices. 

Even those created using the latest technology for precise laser cutting procedures and self-healing functions (repairs minor scratches within 48 hours).

2. Longevity

Find a protective film that won’t spoil within a few months. There’s no need to invest in a branded film, but just make sure it offers durability or has high flexibility features to protect your watch longer.

3. Easy installation

Installation or protective film application can be challenging, especially the first time. Choose a protective film that is easy to install, so there’s no need to hire an expert to avoid bubbles on the surface. As much as possible, there are already other tools in the film to allow smooth application.

Bottom line: Which One Should You Buy?

best protective film for rolex

Rolex watches hold and appreciate. The most popular watch from this brand includes the Rolex Daytona and Rolex Submariner. Of course, all Rolex watches are popular, but those are the ones that most likely increase in value since they are no longer in production.

Our top pick in this list would be the Salmue Anti-Static Transparent PVC Protective Film Tape. We appreciate that it is an anti-fingerprint film, is a premium material but is sold at an affordable price, and you can also use it on jewelry and gemstones.

Safeguard the value of your beautiful Rolex today with Salmue anti-static protective film or any of these protective films so you can enjoy wearing it more without worrying about scratching. 

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