Best Moonphase Watch Under 2000

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Timekeeping was born out of people’s desire to make sense of the movement of the constellations, the moon, and the sun. No wonder why watches equipped with a moon phase complication are growing in popularity, especially for collectors.

So, if you’re among the people looking for watches that follow lunar cycles, we’ve got the list just for you! These moon phase watches under $2,000 are very fashionable and are worth owning! 

Keep reading until the end as our team gives you the best moon phase watch from this list. But before that, let’s find out…

Our Top Pick
Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase Watch- White RK-AM0001S
Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase Watch- White RK-AM0001S
Premium Pick
Longines Master MoonPhase Automatic Watch
Longines Master MoonPhase Automatic Watch
Budget Pick
Karl Leimon Japanese Moonphase Watch Classic Pioneer Gold White
Karl Leimon Japanese Moonphase Watch Classic Pioneer Gold White

What Is a Moon Phase Watch, Anyway?

In essence, a moon phase watch is a miniature recreation of the different phases of the moon on the dial. The moon phase is displayed in an aperture, which is often curved at the entry and exit positions so it appears that the moon waxes and wanes.

How Does a Moon Phase Watch Work?

A moon phase timepiece displays the sunlit part of the moon as people observed from the Earth at any given period each 29.5-day lunar month – the time it takes for the moon to complete one cycle of phases from a new moon to a waning crescent.

Since the lunar cycle lasts that long, the easiest way to deliver the moon phase indicator in a watch is by using two images of the moon on a 59-tooth driving wheel. These two moon images are then driven by a single finger linked to the hour wheel. Each moon will pass through the aperture on the watch dial every 29.5 days. 

The 0.03-day difference in a moon phase watch complication could mean that it is not as precise as the driving wheels of other watches with more teeth. It could lose a day if it ran solidly for three years. Therefore, moon phase watches need manual adjustment once every three years so it remains accurate in tracking the lunar cycle.

Top 7 Best Moon Phase Watches Under 2000 (2022 Edition)

1. Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase Watch- White RK-AM0001S

Most Stylish Moon Phase Watch
Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase Watch- White RK-AM0001S

First on our list is the exquisite Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase Watch- White RK-AM0001S.  It has groundbreaking functionality and maintains a luxurious vibe!

We fell in love with its design at first sight and upon examining the actual product, we can say it’s really the best! You can wear it both on casual and formal occasions. Its dial may be quite crowded in terms of aesthetics, but it’s part of its elegance.

Another interesting thing about this timepiece is that it has a small hole on the dial, which shows its automatic movement. So, if you like a watch with a partial skeleton view, this is worth checking out!

This 41 mm mechanical watch moreover showcases a beautifully crafted silver dial that is complemented with other notable features, such as an anti-reflective coating and dual-curved sapphire crystal glass. Such a defining shape of its sapphire crystal makes the watch look good from whatever angle you check the time. What’s more, the anti-reflective coating increases this watch’s visibility.

Now, let’s focus on its movement. Orient did a great job using mechanical movement. It works completely without batteries and is even environmentally friendly. Then, you’ll find the original moon-phase disc in this watch fitted with a date display. Its design matches the gentle moonlight and the sky’s deep blue color.

Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality timepiece with great functions and design, then this is the best affordable moon phase for you! 

  • Water-resistant for up to 50m
  • Durable stainless-steel case
  • Comes with an anti-reflective coating glass
  • Dual-curved sapphire crystal glass
  • Elegant
  • With partial skeleton view
  • The dial is a little hard to see 

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2. Longines Master MoonPhase Automatic Watch

Best Minimalist Moon Phase Watch
Longines Master MoonPhase Automatic Watch

If you’re looking for a moon phase watch that is incredibly versatile, no matter what outfit you’re wearing, then we highly recommend the Longines Master MoonPhase Automatic Watch.

This affordable moon phase watch is the perfect dress piece, but because of its minimalist design and natural versatility in color, it will never clash in a business casual look. Its overall design mimics the appearance of the Earth Satellite.

It has a romantic moon phase display and its dial has a contrasting silver-tone handset and Roman numerals. We also like the barleycorn guilloché pattern, although not the actual hand guilloché (often seen in extremely well-priced watches).  It provides the watch a recognizable look at a more reasonable price.

This watch is available in both 42mm and 40mm versions and we got the 42mm model. Its size is well-balanced on a 7-inch wrist. Focusing on its Caliber L899 automatic movement, it offers 64 hours of power reserve. It also has a date display at six o’clock and comes with hours, minutes, as well as seconds from the central axis.

There you go! If you love quiet, refined aesthetics, this is the watch for you!

  • Classically designed timepiece
  • Affordable automatic dress watch
  • Versatile design
  • Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal material
  • Transparent case back
  • None

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3. Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer

High-Contrast Moon Phase Watch
Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer

Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer is another moon phase watch that pairs with just about everything. It doesn’t tower off your wrist and tucks under a cuff.

A member of our EvesWatch team wore this for two weeks before sharing his thoughts and finds this masterpiece not just a social magnet but also a trendsetter! The moon phase dial looks great and matches the black leaf-style shape hands. Compared to other affordable moon phase watches, it’s rare to see one set on a black dial. 

It’s a very handsome watch with the date, moon phase, day of the week, month, and week number.  It is also equipped with a Swiss quartz movement and comes with a solid case back.

If you don’t prefer the black dial, you can also check out the Frederique Constant Classics Business Timer with a silver dial.

Without question, this watch with rose gold accents is a fine-looking watch and is worth adding to your collection. Frederique Constant just never disappoints!

  • Great value for money
  • Looks great
  • Attractive watch with a vintage look
  • Swiss quartz movement
  • The leather band material is comfortable on the wrist
  • Fixed stainless-steel bezel
  • Leather crocodile-style strap adds class
  • A little heavy than other moon phases watch
  • No loom on the bezel

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4. Agelocer Men’s Top Brand Blue Moon Phase Watch

Best Full Moon Phase Dial
Agelocer Men’s Top Brand Blue Moon Phase Watch

The Agelocer Men’s Blue Moon Phase Watch is a 40mm watch with platinum-plated steel hands and a transparent case back. One of its stunning features is that it has a big moon phase window, a design so unique you won’t find it in most moon phase watches. 

Aside from the moon phase function that is visible in the whole dial, it also has platinum-plated steel watch hands, indexes, and clear lines. The painting on the dial has a 3D look and it has a unique blue sunburst look. Moreover, it has a lunar phase that rotates periodically via the bottom lunar phase disk. 

You can visit the Agelocer main website and there you’ll find a video showing all of the pieces of this watch floating together into an assembled timepiece. 

The finishings are luxurious and it's a plus factor also for us that it has 80 hours power reserve. Because this is a mechanical watch, it will automatically continue to wind up as long as you wear it for more than 10 hours a day.

Given its irresistible charm, we expect you to add this to your favorite watches too!

  • Exquisite moon phase window (presents the real scene of the moon)
  • Comfortable strap (Italian cowhide leather)
  • Neat stitching
  • With a transparent case back
  • With 27 jewels
  • Uses high-grade circular Geneva pattern 
  • Adjusting the watch band is a little bit complicated.

Ready to buy it? Check out this link today!

5. Karl Leimon Japanese Moonphase Watch Classic Pioneer Gold White

Best budget watch with a moon phase feature
Karl Leimon Japanese Moonphase Watch Classic Pioneer Gold White

The Karl Leimon Japanese Moonphase Watch Classic Pioneer Gold White is our best budget watch with a moon phase feature. It arrived in a nice leather box and inside you will find instructions, a tool which you use to set the month in the watch, and a guarantee card.

Our first impression of this watch is good. It’s a classic take on a dress piece. We like that its size is 38mm and has a 10mm case thickness. 

It features an anti-allergic 316L stainless steel, allowing those with sensitive skin to wear this moon phase watch comfortably. You may think that 38mm is too small for a men’s watch but this felt good in the hands and it’s not heavy either. 

The moon phase display is at 6 o’clock with the Karl Leimon logo. On the 3 o’clock is the crown for the month function and on the 12 o’clock is the date function. Moreover, it has a water resistance depth of 50 Meters. So, it won’t be your swimming watch. But that’s decent water resistance in moon phase watches.

The white dial is beautiful and easy on the eye as well! The dial alone is really nice and it has enough space (which is used evenly) so it looks finished in our opinion. It doesn’t have a second hand, since they are meant for more dressy occasions where you don’t normally count the time you are spending there.

We’re surprised that on top of the moon phase dial is sapphire glass with AR coating. This feature is really good as it works for the reflections. Overall, with a moon phase function, a triple calendar, and being made in Japan, this timepiece is truly an attractive option for the gentlemen out there. 

  • Water resistance rating: 5ATM/50m
  • Miyota 6P00 movement
  • With an elegant watch box
  • Finishing is polished
  • Just the right size; feels comfortable on the wrist
  • Deployant buckle doesn’t rattle
  • Better if the leather band is a bit longer

Convinced? You can buy Karl Leimon Moon Phase Watch here! 

6. Seiko Coutura Men’s Solar Perpetual Calendar Alarm Chronograph Watch

Best value for money and accuracy
Seiko Coutura Men’s Solar Perpetual Calendar Alarm Chronograph Watch

Another timepiece that caught our eyes is the Seiko Coutura Men’s Solar Perpetual Calendar Alarm Chronograph Watch. It’s a great timepiece with a moon phase complication.

It features a perpetual calendar for up to the year 2100, an alarm clock function, a polished stainless steel two-tone 44mm case, and a dial with a gold-tone notched bezel. Everything just looks good, worthy of its Seiko brand.

Its bezel is thin, putting all the focus on the dial. This is a creative move on Seiko since the dial is the highlight of this timepiece after all. The dial is white and gold, but this is also available in black and yellow gold color (model: SSC700).

Around the outer edge of the dial are markings from 1 to 31 that serve as the date function. Further, the actual case of this moon phase watch has an all-polished finish, giving it a luxurious and elegant appearance except for the top sides of the lugs that have a brushed finish. It has a water resistance of up to 330 feet/100m/10 bar, which is relatively good for a moon phase watch.

Seiko Coutura Men’s Solar Perpetual Calendar Alarm Chronograph Watch has the looks of a dress watch but with the functionality of a sports watch. So, in terms of comfort, value for money, and accuracy, this is a moon phase worth owning.

  • Japanese Quartz movement
  • Created with attention to detail
  • Attractive two-tone color
  • Easy to read time
  • 330 feet water resistance depth
  • Dial with polished rectangular hour markers that reflects the light beautifully
  • Perpetual calendar function
  • It has a split time function
  • Solid construction
  • Not the best choice for those who prefer a minimally cluttered dial
  • Getting 

If you want to try it out, here’s where you can buy it! 

7. Christian Van Sant Men’s Stainless Steel Moon Phase Watch

Great features with a moon phase complication
Christian Van Sant Men’s Stainless Steel Moon Phase Watch

No list of watches with moon phase display would be complete without the Christian Van Sant Men’s Stainless-Steel Watch with moon phase function.

This watch is pretty nice and you get a lot of good features from this watch with a moon phase complication. For instance, it is equipped with a scratch-resistant mineral, is water-resistant for up to 5ATM or 50 meters, and has multi-function features, such as the moon phase and date display.

  • 50 meters water resistance depth
  • Automatic movement
  • Rectangular moon phase watch
  • Easy to read
  • With date display and moon phase function
  • The leather band is comfortable on the wrist
  • None

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Moon Phase Watch

We understand that there are many variables at play when choosing the best moonphase watch under 2000. You’ve got your budget, your own requirements, and your tastes when it comes to timepieces. 

To make the search easier for you, here’s a short buying guide to help you choose your first moon phase watch:


Also known as the calibre, the watch movement is the mechanism inside a moon phase watch and this is the most crucial part of the timepiece. You can either go for mechanical movement-manual-wound and automatic – or quartz movement.

Automatic movements are great for functionality and convenience while quartz movements are battery-powered and low-maintenance. Know that the best movement for you depends on your level of tolerance for watch upkeep, level of investment, and habit.

Moon Phase Display

Whether you go for a luxury moon phase watch or a more affordable timepiece, look for one with a moon phase display. These are the types of watches that run without interruption and are designed to show the different phases of the moon.

Most moon phase watches have a small opening or aperture for the moon phase display, but there are others – like the Agelocer Men’s Fashion Moon Phase Watch – where the moon phase display occupies a big part in the watch dial.

Size and Thickness

There is no typical size of a wristwatch. Some timepieces are large and others have a case diameter of between 34 and 44mm. Citizen moon phase watch, for instance, has a 44mm case width. 

If your wrist is 7 inches and above, a larger case (44-46mm) is the ideal choice. However, if your wrist is between 5.5 to 7 inches, a small or medium case diameter would be a good choice. Go for 38mm, 40mm, or 42mm case diameter.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Our Choice
Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase Watch- White RK-AM0001S

We love all the moon phase watches in this list, but of all, Orient Star Mechanical Moon Phase Watch won us over.

The decorations are subtle, the dial looks great, and it has a sense of finesse and quality without overshadowing the main function of the watch. That is, to show time as well as the phase of the moon.

The size of the moon phase disc is sweet and is very well-made. You’ll also come to like its open heart feature as it shows the balance of the watch or it brings the moon phase watch to life.

Overall, it’s a fine offering by Orient and is worth it!

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