Best Moon Phase Watch For Fishing

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If you’re looking for the best moon phase watch for fishing, you’ve come to the right place. Every angler needs an excellent fisherman’s wrist watch or tide watch, depending on their preference. Therefore, we collected some of the best fishing watches with moon phases for you to choose and wear for your next fishing trip.

Our list consists of various watches with excellent features such as a digital display, tide charts, tide data, and many more that you will find helpful when fishing.

If you’re interested to know more about the best moon phase fishing watches, keep reading!

Best Moon Phase Watch for Fishing

1. Casio Men’s Fishing Timer Quartz Watch with Resin Strap

Product Description

Our first pick for the best fishing watches is the Casio Men’s Fishing Timer Quartz Watch with Resin Strap. Casio watches are known for “inventing necessity.” Therefore, they make some of the best watches for night fishing.

This fishing watch includes excellent features such as 100-meter water resistance, a 10-year battery life, a fishing gear model, three independent alarms, and an auto-calendar until 2099.

One feature to admire about this good fishing watch is its “fishing mode,” which includes five levels to show you a suitable and specific time and date to go fishing.

Another exciting feature in this Casio watch is the moon data, known as the moon age of specific date and moon phase graph. In addition, this excellent watch provides an LED light for you to easily view your time during the day or night with Afterglow.

This timepiece also makes a great second stop watch, with a measuring capacity of 23:59’59.99. It also features a countdown timer with a measuring unit of one second and a range of one minute to 24 hours. 


  • Provides a 10-year battery life
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters or 660 feet
  • Features a fishing mode
  • Includes moon data
  • Ensures easy visibility with LED light
  • Offers multi-function alarms
  • Has a countdown timer
  • Ideal for smaller wrists


  • Not suitable for those with large wrists
  • Uncomfortable

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2. Casio Tide Graph Moon Phase Men’s Sports Watch with Illuminator 

Product Description

If you’re more into tide watches, you might want to check out this tide watch by Casio. This fishing watch is the perfect timepiece for water lovers, especially those who are into marine sports. 

Similar to the men’s fishing timer quartz watch, this timepiece also offers 100-meter water resistance, a 10-year battery life, three independent multi-function alarms, a countdown timer and a dual time feature.

Additionally, it provides a tide graph, moon data, and an LED light for you to read the time in the dark easily. 


  • Suitable for water lovers
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters or 660 feet
  • Provides a 10-year battery life
  • Includes three independent multi-function alarms
  • Features an LED illuminator light
  • Has a tide graph
  • Includes moon data


  • None
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3. Casio G Shock Mudman Digital Dial Men’s Watch

Product Description

Our next pick for the best fishing watches is the Casio G Shock Mudman Digital Dial Men’s Watch. 

Apart from being a fishing watch, this versatile timepiece also serves as a digital compass and a thermometer. This great watch also features moon data, tough solar power, a 200-meter water resistance, and a full auto EL backlight with afterglow.

Another feature of this watch is its shock and mud-resistant case and buttons, which are sealed to prevent your wristwatch from getting dirt, mud, and dust into it. Its long battery life can last up to eight months without charging.

Additionally, this watch offers more features such as a world time, four daily alarms, one snooze alarm, an hourly time signal, a countdown timer, and a 1/100 second stop watch.


  • Tough solar powered
  • Shock and mud-resistant
  • Water-resistant up to 200-meter 
  • Suits as a digital compass and thermometer
  • Offers moon data
  • Features a Full Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow


  • Has a nylon strap

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4. SUUNTO Traverse Alpha Stealth – GPS Outdoor Watch

Product Description

Another excellent option is the SUUNTO Traverse Alpha, a robust and attractive timepiece with long battery life. This watch offers a lot of clever technology, such as a GPS, a moon phase display, barometer readings, and many more.

Moreover, the compass includes an automatic declination adjustment, which offers an accuracy of up to five degrees. However, if you prefer using the GPS at a lower accuracy level, it will get you to your destination. It lasts up to three days and is sufficient for a 50-meter resolution on a single charge. 

Furthermore, the GPS lets you leave a “breadcrumb trail” to find your way back to where you began. Additionally, it provides an innovative power system to recharge the timepiece’s lithium-ion battery.


  • Robust
  • Stylish
  • Offers a long battery life
  • Includes a moon phase display
  • Has a GPS
  • Provides barometer readings
  • Includes an Automatic Declination Adjustment
  • Features a breadcrumb trail
  • Has an innovative power system


  • Not suitable for smaller wrists

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5. Garmin’s Fenix 6

Product Description

If you’re looking for a fishing watch that will assist you with almost any activity, the Garmin Fenix 6 is the ideal watch for the fishermen, which is what you might be looking for.

This watch includes a sunrise and sunset feature, a barometer, a digital compass and GPS, and a moon phase indicator. One crucial feature that is missing from this timepiece is its tidal chart feature. However, it includes third-party apps.

Similar to many other GPS-centric Garmin products, this watch includes a track-back with electronic breadcrumbs. Other excellent features are its 330-feet water resistance and its Lithium-ion batteries, which can last up to two days of battery life. 

Lastly, it features a silicone strap, which you can swap for a metal one. Meanwhile, the case is made out of polymer and stainless steel.


  • Features a moon phase indicator
  • Has a digital compass and built-in GPS
  • Water-resistant up to 330 feet
  • Has a Garmin-track back feature
  • Offers a two-day battery life
  • Features Polymer and stainless steel case


  • Does not include tidal charts
  • Silicone strap is fragile

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What to Look For in a Moon Phase watch for Fishing?

bets moon phase watch for fishing

Here are a few features to consider when looking for in a fishing watch with moon phase data:

1. Water resistance

Since fishing is an activity that involves being near the water, one essential feature you should consider is its water resistance. A tide watch resistant to water prevents it from getting wet and eventually causing damage. 

3. Movement

Your ideal watch must have a top-quality movement to ensure accurate time and date. One example of a great watch includes the Japanese quartz movement.

4. Moon data

Another important feature to consider when searching for a moon phase watch for fishing is the moon data. This key feature shows you accurate information such as the weather, when is the best time to go fishing, and many more. 

Final Thoughts: Which One Should You Buy?

best moon phase watch for fishing

Every angler or fisher needs a great tide watch on a fishing trip. Fortunately, the market produces a wide range of options for them to choose from. If you want more than an ordinary or traditional watch, you can opt for a fishing watch with moon phases.

We recommend the SUUNTO Traverse Alpha as the best fishing watch with moon phase information among all the timepieces on the list. Additionally, this watch includes excellent features such as a moon phase display, barometer readings, long battery life, breadcrumb trail, and many more.

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