Best Casio Vintage Watch

Casio is probably one of the well-loved watch brands by watch enthusiasts, functional wearers, hipsters, and casual hobbyists. 

In fact, the brand lounges in the spotlight on the wrists of Kristen Stewart, American rapper Tyler, the Creator, and George Clooney. And these aren’t even just the normal A-list celebrities. 

Stewart wears a less bashful LA11WB-1 Sport Watch, recognizable for its digital display and round-edge shape, while Tyler, the Creator wears the classic-looking MQ24-9B with Arabic numerals and a dial with a shade of yellow.

George Clooney, on the other hand, wore a Casio G-Shock GW-5600BJ watch in the movie Burn After Reading.

Casio, truly, is a rich storied watch brand with various offerings that span from efficient and simple to luxurious and extravagant. It is that one brand that is well represented in almost every watch collection.

Today, we take a look at some of the best Casio vintage watches that make the brand so well-loved from their attractive offerings, affordable price, and rich history. We’ll also share with you the reasons why we think these watches are so special.

We hope you’ll find the best Casio vintage watch to your liking!

Top 12 Best Casio Vintage Watch

1. Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch – F-91WM-7ACF

Product Description

There are a few details that set this Casio Men’s Classic Quartz Watch – F-91WM-7ACF apart from its competition of vintage watches. For one, this digital sports watch is in a rectangle case and comes with alarm chronograph functions.

We also like that this watch is equipped with a night light, a digital display, and a quartz movement. The measuring modes of this Casio watch include split time, net time, as well as first and second place time.

Should you prefer a Casio watch that has an hourly time signal, day and date function, auto calendar, and digital stopwatch, then this one meets all these criteria.

This watch is also 30 Meter (100 Feet) Water Resistant, meaning it can withstand accidental splashes although not ideal for swimming.


  • Suitable for everyday use
  • It comes with a daily alarm
  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • Temperature-proof
  • Unique shape
  • Easy to set
  • Nice strap, smaller in width and length than usual Casio models


  • The light silver color may scratch off
  • Backlight can be uneven sometimes

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2. Casio Digital Watch – CA53W-1 Calculator

Product Description

As one of the best Casio digital watches for low budgets, this is sure to give you nostalgia. Come to think of it, years before a calculator app was even thought of, this watch already allowed users to carry a full-blown digital calculator on their wrist.

Aside from a built-in 8 digit calculator, this Casio digital watch also has a 1/100 second stopwatch, multiple time settings, and is water-resistant!

The automatic calendar of this Casio watch is also present and will continue to be working until 2079. How cool is that! Alongside its retro look, we also like that this watch uses a comfortable plastic watch strap and automatic calendar.


  • Comes with a built-in alarm
  • Automatic calendar 
  • Battery life up to five years
  • Quartz movement
  • Resin material watch
  • Like an Apple watch, only not
  • Very easy to use


  • Very simple features
  • Small buttons

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3. W800H-1AV Classic Casio Watch/ Sport Watch

Product Description

What can we say, this Casio watch sure is classic. If you want the previous Casio vintage model we shared, this one will take the features to the next level. Well, at least in terms of making the most of your fitness routine and sports tracking. 

This sports version Casio digital watch has a simple design but does have a 330- Feet water resistance. It also features an easy-to-see backlight, a lap record function, and a stopwatch.

Equipped with 10-year battery life and with a dual-time feature, we can honestly say this is one of the best retro Casio watches out there. It’s very easy to use and is an on-the-go model for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

This timepiece is also made out of a durable resin case, a black resin band, a stationary black resin bezel, and an adjustable clasp.


  • Lightweight watch
  • With day/date/month function
  • Equipped with a stopwatch
  • Water-resistant for up to 330 Feet
  • Affordable watch
  • With an impressive 10-year battery lifespan
  • Over 12,000 positive reviews, online that back up its quality
  • Multifunctional alarm plus snooze capabilities


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4. Casio Analog-Digital Fashion Vintage Casio AQ-230GG-2A

Product Description

Next on our list is the Casio Analog-Digital Fashion Vintage Casio AQ-230GG-2A, which was first released in 2019. 

Of all the retro Casio watches, this one has such a beautiful blue dial with a digital display. The band material is made of stainless steel while the case is made of plastic.

Just like other Casio digital watches, this one is also water-resistant (3ATM). The size is not too small nor too big.


  • Standard analog and digital combination
  • Water-resistant
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Beautiful blue dial


  • Case is plastic

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5. Casio Women’s LA11WB-1 Sport Watch

Product Description

Next on our list is Casio Women’s LA11WB-1 Sport Watch that is simple yet durable. We just love that there are no unnecessary frills or buttons for this way, making it an ideal everyday watch.

This timepiece also includes a resin case, a matching band, a mineral dial window, a perpetual calendar, and a quartz-powered digital time display.

You don’t even have to tell us how amazing this timepiece is. Instead, just look at the positive reviews that showcase how popular this watch is. Over 2,000 Amazon reviews as of writing and 72% of them gave it a five-star rating.

If you have a tiny wrist or prefer a watch that is small enough but not childlike at the same time, then this is the watch for you. And since the band is not fabric, it does not get gross or stay wet.


  • Comes with a countdown timer
  • Simple yet elegant watch
  • sports  watch
  • Not big and bulky
  • Fantastic water resistance


  • You may have to replace the band every few years because it breaks even before the battery runs out
  • Does not have a backlight feature like other durable watches in this list.

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6. Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch

Product Description

The Casio Men’s MQ24-1E Black Resin Watch is a 35mm analog quartz watch that features a stationary bezel function, resin bezel, and resin glass dial window.

This affordable watch is also lightweight (weighs only 1.42 Grams). Aside from being one of the most durable watches, this timepiece is ideal in size and it can be worn by men and women with a small wrist. 

It has a decent battery life, uses Quartz movement, and is a very accurate watch.


  • Affordable
  • Decent battery life (uses Battery SR621SW)
  • Water-resistant
  • 3-hand analog display
  • Bracelet has an adjustable buckle clasp
  • quartz movement


  • The glass gets scratched a little easily

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7. Casio Men’s G-Shock DW6900-1V Sport Watch

Product Description

For people looking for a classic and more profound Casio G-shock watch, then the Casio Men’s G-Shock DW6900-1V Sport Watch is worth recommending. It’s durable, tough, and may outlast its wearer.

This watch feels even rugged and more tactical in person. We like that it complements a sporty lifestyle and is trusted by surfers, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, and military personnel.

In addition, this classic Casio watch features an hourly time signal, an alarm, and a center rubberized light button.

And just like other Casio digital watches, this one offers a full-auto calendar and most importantly, it comes in at an affordable price.

It offers the same atomic timekeeping and solar capacity as the DW-5600 watch. Overall, for having great functionality at half the price of other high-end watches, this watch is worth considering.


  • 1/100 second stopwatch
  • With countdown timer
  • Features a full auto-calendar
  • Flashes with buzzer
  • Shock resistant
  • One of the most durable analog-digital watches in the industry


  • When setting the alarm, timer, or time, there is no reverse button like other Casio watches
  • Pretty thick that it easily catches on shirts when putting or taking them off

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8. Casio LA680WA-7DF

Product Description

Another lady’s watch on our list is the Casio LA680WA-7DF with stainless steel construction. It features a more feminine and slimmer design than you’d expect from women’s watches.

With a stainless steel band and resin glass and case, this Casio watch for women is extremely durable and fully resistant to scratches.

As for its battery life, it typically lasts for five years. Combining that with its resilient design, this watch may even outlast its battery.

Other interesting features of this watch include an hourly time signal, an auto-calendar (28 days for February, an option to set it at 12/24 hour format, and an adjustable buckle.

Whether it’s track and field, football, or soccer, this timeless Casio LA680WA-7DF is the timepiece to have.


  • Classic design
  • With daily alarm
  • Hourly time signal
  • With an auto-calendar
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Multi-functional
  • The band is super light


  • Does not have a countdown timer as stated in the original product description

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9. Casio Japanese-Quartz Sport Watch (EAW-MRW-200H-1BV)

Product Description

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in the water, whether for leisure or sports, this Casio vintage model does not need to be a problem.

This is because the Casio Japanese-Quartz Sport Watch has a 330 feet water resistance rating. Whether that’s swimming, sailing, or snorkeling, this model can work reliably. The watch strap is even made of plastic.

Both the 12 and 24-hour timekeeping is likewise available. Moreover, it has a date and its accuracy sits at the 20 seconds mark per month. 

It is shockingly accurate that it can outperform other expensive watches.


  • Reliable for all kinds of water activities
  • Features a rotating bezel to make sure it tracks time accurately
  • The bezel is easy to spin 
  • With Day/Date Display
  • Lightweight
  • Great value
  • Fits comfortably even under long sleeves


  • The glow in the dark (lume) feature is weak

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10. Casio Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Watch

Product Description

The Casio Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Watch takes things to the next level in terms of durability and functionality. This watch itself is inspired by the sea and comes with a water resistance of up to 200m.

The stainless steel case and a black resin case give this watch a classic look while the anti-reverse bezel adds its vintage dive functionality. 

This model is one of the most trusted timepieces among Casio lovers. It looks fantastic with a stylish and professional black design. It also features luminous markers, sweep second hand, and a date window at 3 o’clock position.


  • One of the most sought after Casio models
  • Back with thousands of positive reviews online
  • Accurate quartz movement
  • Stylish black design
  • Water-resistant


  • Slightly more expensive compared to traditional Casio watches

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11. Casio AE1200 “Royale”

Product Description

Next up, we have the Casio AE1200 “Royale.” It’s a fashionable watch with a calendar function, world time, stopwatch, light, alarm, and timer. All these would come very useful when you need information, especially about multiple time zones.

The design of this timepiece takes inspiration from the Seiko G757, which was worn by Roger Moore in the film Octopussy.

At 45mm, this big watch is ideal for people with larger wrists and has earned its reputation for its durability.


  • Affordable watch
  • With stopwatch and timer functions
  • Great watch for everyday use
  • Durable
  • Water resistance depth: 100.0 meters
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 10-year battery life


  • A bit large for those with smaller wrist

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12. Casio Men’s Analogue Quartz Watch (EFR-S108D-1AVUEF)

Product Description

Last but not least is the Casio Men’s Analogue Quartz Watch (EFR-S108D-1AVUEF). This 37mm watch features a sapphire crystal dial window, standard 20mm lugs, and 8mm case thickness.

With its Cuarzo movement, it hits every single minute marker accurately. Just a caveat, though, others find the bracelet of this watch a bit jangly.

Overall, we think this watch is best for those with smaller wrists as it is exceptionally thin. It can be worn as a dress watch or just for everyday use.


  • Super slim 
  • Lightweight watch
  • Sapphire glass
  • Nice brushed face


  • Weak lume

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What to Look for When Buying Retro Casio Watches


When buying a Casio digital watch or whatever display form, durability is an important consideration. Not all timepieces are created quality, some models are made with materials far more durable than other Casio models.

So, when you invest in the best Casio vintage watch, pick a model with stainless steel material or can withstand accidental splashes. Plastic may not be as durable as stainless steel but it brings a visual appeal and has impressive shock-absorbing capabilities.

Original Condition

Since you’re on the market for a vintage watch, it is best if you can buy the real deal. That’s what distinguishes it from a fake watch. And investment-worthy retro Casio watches should be in their original condition.

Look for the serial number to check the watch’s model number or age and make sure that its movement number corresponds to it.


There are different Casio models, but what functions are you looking for in a wristwatch? As you know, some watches do not just keep track of time. Some can be a portable piece of fashion accessory, a monitoring device, or an ornament to show social class and status.

Some features to look out for when buying a Classic Casio watch includes colors, construction, stopwatches and alarms, and illumination.


So, what makes a Casio watch tick? That depends on this incredibly important feature called the “movement.”

That’s the mechanism of the watch. Whether you prefer an analog or digital watch, pick a movement that you prefer best. For instance, if you opt for a watch movement that allows extreme accuracy, a quartz movement would be your best bet.

If you prefer a low-maintenance one, then we recommend you consider a watch with automatic movement.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

For men, our top pick would be the Casio Japanese-Quartz Sport Watch. As you can see from its Amazon page, there are over 10,000 positive ratings for this watch and that, in itself, speaks volumes. 

This watch is water-resistant and is suitable for swimming, sailing, snorkeling, and recreational surfing. It has an analog display and features a model resin band that’s comfortable on the wrist.

For the women, our favorite is the Casio Women’s LA11WB-1 Sport Watch. It is so simple that you can match it to your everyday outfit. But despite its small size, this sports watch with a blue dial border is equipped with perpetual calendar functions, water resistance, a ribbed resin band, and an alarm feature.

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