Best Analog Watch With Vibrating Alarm

Do you want to wake on time or keep on track with your schedules but hate the sound of your smartphone’s alarm? If so, then a wristwatch with a vibrating alarm is what you need. 

These watches gently shake your wrist to remind you of time or wake you up. Additionally, these vibrating alarm watches are best for people living or working in quiet environments, like doctors, nurses, or anyone who needs to wake up without disturbing others.

Unfortunately, many watches with a vibrating alarm function don’t come with an analog display. Some people would prefer such shows because they are easy to read (you just look by hand position), more reliable, and easily estimate the elapsed time than digital watches. 

So, if you’re among those people who prefer a more traditional analog display that offers daily vibrating alarms, then you’ve come to the right place. We also provide you below with our best pick based on our firsthand experience!

Let’s get started!

5 Best Analog Watches with Vibrating Alarm

1. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3  – Best Overall

Product Description

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 may be considered a smartwatch but has an analog display. It isn’t the perfect vibration watch, but it has a vivid display, a premium design, and various new fitness features that track your progress and stay motivated.

On the other hand, the display is easy to read and bright, so you can still tell time even outdoors. It is slightly slimmer than the original Samsung Galaxy Watch but maintains the same attractive screen shape. 

Also, it runs on a chipset that loads apps quickly, partly because of its 1GB RAM.

After putting it to the test, we have zero complaints about its band as it is comfortable leather. And even if you’re not a fan of leather, you can always switch to other materials, like silicone or metal. Just make sure it’s a standard 20-millimeter band.

A plus point is that it has a long-lasting battery that lasts for more than a day even on a single charge, compared with the Apple Watch, which only lasts 18 hours. And should you need a quick power boost, this excellent vibrating alarm watch is compatible with any Samsung Galaxy Phone with Wireless Powershare.

Why buy this:

  • Has a functional rotating bezel
  • Premium design
  • Strong fitness features
  • Comes with preloaded apps (you can fill it with music too)
  • Runs on Tizen software
  • Easy to navigate
  • Works with both Android and iPhone devices
  • Long battery life 

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2. Casio Men’s AQ-S810W-1A4VCF Tough Solar Analog Vibrating Alarm Watch – Best Value

Product Description

Casio Men’s AQ-S810W-1A4VCF Tough Solar Analog Watch is a sporty analog-digital combination model that offers plenty of functionality.

For instance, this best analog watch with a vibrating alarm has a self-charging solar power system. We love its host of features, including five alarms, 48-city world time, dual countdown timers, and an attractive glossy black resin band that makes it a versatile timepiece for almost any sports occasion or outdoor activity.

Weighing just 1.41 punches, it’s not too heavy nor too light. In addition, it is powered by quartz movement, so you don’t have to wind up its battery. 

This movement may lack technical craftsmanship like other timepieces, but it is designed to comply with strict watchmaking standards and lasts longer.

Why buy this:

  • 330-feet water resistance depth
  • With day, date, and month functions
  • Analog display type 
  • Comes with five alarms

Convinced? Get the Casio Men’s AQ-S810W-1A4VCF Tough Solar Analog Watch here!

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3.  Frederique Constant FC-282 Vibrating Watch – Best Luxury Swiss Watch with Alarm

Product Description

Powerful and unique, the Frederique Constant FC-282 is a smartwatch with an analog display and vibration feature. 

Moreover, the FC-282 is a quality product, guaranteeing that it will last a long time because it is made by hand and built using fine materials. Additionally, it is made of stainless-steel material with anti-reflective sapphire in its window and has a date and moon phases function.

Our research indicates that, to use the alarm and vibration feature, launch the FC smartwatch app. Put your smartphone close to your FC timepiece and press the watch’s crown button. From there, pair it with the Smartwatch app and create your profile with your information: height, weight, gender, and birthday. 

To create or edit the alarm, choose the plus icon at the screen’s left bottom corner. Select “sleep cycle alarms” and choose the existing alarm or create a new one from the list.

Why buy this:

  • With date and moon phases
  • Attractive blue band, dial, and hands
  • Comfortable on the wrist
  • Luxury watch
  • Durable
  • Easy to read

Interested? Get the Frederique Constant FC-282 Vibrating Watch here!

4. Timex Men’s T45181 Expedition Watch – Best Rugged Watch

Product Description

Next on our list of the best vibration alarm watches is the Timex Men’s T45181 Expedition Watch. This watch features an olive-green resin case with a bi-directional rotating bezel. Its whole look and function go perfectly well with its name – Expedition!

Aside from the tan dial display, this rugged watch gains a round of applause from our team for combining digital and analog displays. In addition, it’s easy to tell time even in the dark because of its Indiglo light-up watch dial.

As for its nylon band, our findings show it is comfortable on the wrist and doesn’t hamper sweat. Meanwhile, its daily alarm features a three-time zone and decent battery life. 

For overall design and features, it reflects a secluded place that inspires adventure.

Why buy this:

  • Durable (materials: polished metal and quality strap)
  • Comes with a 24-hour countdown timer
  • Easy to read time (with large stick markers and luminous hands)
  • Fantastic backlight
  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable on the wrist
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Analog and digital combo display

Get this Timex Men’s T45181 Expedition Watch here before it runs out!

5. Casio Men’s HDC-700-1AVCF Classic Analog-Digital Watch

Product Description

Casio is leading the way among all reliable watchmakers on the market for releasing watches with the vibration feature. Therefore, the Casio Men’s HDC-700-1AVCF Classic Analog-Digital Watch is one of those timepieces.

This 46.5mm vibration alarm watch has a front light button, 10-year battery life, and a countdown timer. Not all vibrating watches with analog displays have a full-auto calendar, which is why we love this timepiece.

Additionally, it features a 1/10-second countdown timer, a 1/100-second stopwatch, and daily alarms. Based on our firsthand experience, if you love outdoor activities, this is a go-to watch because it’s durable, visible, and has a nice visual and physical texture.

Why buy this:

  • With full-auto calendar function
  • 10-year battery life
  • Very comfortable to wear/ lightweight
  • Analog display is easy to read
  • Good contrast
  • Good watch for the price
  • Three alarm function

Buy the Casio Men’s HDC-700-1AVCF Classic Analog-Digital Watch here!

Honorable Mentions: Other Watches with Vibrating Alarm Feature

Other watches worth looking into (but don’t have analog displays) are TabTime Vibrating Alarm Reminder Watch and Garmin Instinct.

TabTimes vibrating watch is the ideal solution for people looking for a discrete, portable, and stylish watch. We especially like this timepiece because it features up to 10 silent alarms every day that you will feel on your wrist. 

Our research shows that this watch has been marketed to people who need to maintain their medication schedule or those who need a discrete wake-up alarm. Additionally, you can use the TabTime vibration alarm watch as a hydration reminder alarm to ensure you drink enough water during the day. 

You can also turn on the sound, so the vibration vibrates loud enough for you to hear. TabTime watch comes with a rechargeable battery.

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On the other hand, we like Garmin Instinct because its alarm has the option to vibrate, make the tone, or both vibrate and tone. You can also custom repeat the alarm on days of the week. 

Setting the alarm on Garmin Instinct is also easy. You can set the alarm through the Garmin app or watch it. 

This rugged GPS watch is also durable and can withstand challenging environments. In addition, it has a built-in 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, GPS, Glonass and Galileo navigation satellite systems. 

It is an intelligent sports watch aimed not just at people who love outdoor activities but at those who need a vibrating alarm reminder. Its design and display are well-built, robust, and somewhat reminiscent of a G-Shock watch.

Furthermore, you will love its battery life of 14 days. But for regular GPS use, Garmin claims the watch can last 16 to 40 hours.

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What to Look for When Buying the Best Analog Vibrating Alarm Watches? 

1. Reliability

Whether automatic or quartz-powered, an analog watch with a vibrating alarm must work. If you look at your wristwatch and the second hand is no longer working, the timepiece is useless. 

So, invest in a watch made of suitable quality components or distinguished materials to be functional for a long time. It would be nice if the wristwatch was durable or had a shock-resistant feature to last a long time.

2. Style

The aesthetic component of the vibrating alarm wristwatch also matters. For us, we prioritize the finish of the watch because it impacts the timepiece’s appearance. 

But overall, it would be nice if the visual finish of the watch – the case, dial, buckle, and strap – had a contemporary edge aside from the vibrating alarm clock or full auto-calendar functions.

3. Vibrating Alarm Feature and Other Additional Functions

Look for a watch with a vibration alarm feature, which is useful when audible alarm signals are missed in loud environments or where discretion is required. 

Aside from the vibrating feature, it would be nice if the timepiece had additional features. An important one is a backlight or any form of luminescence as it makes reading hassle-free even at night. 

On the other hand, you can look for a calendar, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch.

4. Craftsmanship

Look for the best vibrating alarm watches with good craftsmanship for watchmaking tradition. And this standard is not just applicable to the final product but also to every material used. 

One product that stands out is the Casio G-Shock GD350-1CR with Japanese quartz movement, although not included in this list because it doesn’t have an analog display.

Specially created movements and parts are often developed using machinery and tools exclusive to the brand and are hand-assembled.

Final Verdict: Which One Should You Buy?

Through our practical knowledge, we would recommend that you give SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 a try. It’s a gorgeous timepiece and features a vibrating alarm. For vibration and sound settings, simply open “Settings” and adjust the options of ringtone, volume, notifications, and more.

The other reason this is our top pick is that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes from a reputable brand; its design is straightforward, but the watch is highly functional, and you’ll appreciate its convenience too! 

Some people who may find this analog watch with vibrating alarm helpful include:

  • Individuals with hearing issues
  • Elderly people
  • Heavy sleepers
  • Individuals who spend time in loud environments

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