Casio A158 vs A168

Casio A158 vs A168

Many watch companies have produced numerous watch collections for a certain target audience.  As a result, we have a wide range of watches to choose from which can be a good thing.  However, it can feel overwhelming as well, especially if you cannot afford a luxurious Apple watch or Seiko watch. Therefore, we created an … Read more

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009

Seiko SKX007 vs SKX009

When it comes to the best dive watch, Seiko sells some of the most popular dive watches made for the diving community. Not only because they are water-resistant, but they also provide durable construction, power reserve, and a stylish design.  If you’re having trouble looking for the best dive and automatic watches, we have two … Read more

Megir Watch Review – Are They Any Good?

mergir watch review

If you’re looking for a watch that combines Japanese movement and Swiss design but is offered at a competitive price point, then perhaps you’d want to consider the Megir brand. Who is Megir? Megir is a watch brand founded in 1997 in China. At the start, they started offering decent quality mechanical watches for the … Read more

Invicta 9937 Vs Rolex Submariner

Invicta 9937 Vs Rolex Submariner

Dive watch, sports watch, and tool watch… Both the Invicta 9937 and the Rolex Submariner are all of these things.  The Invicta watches are known for their affordable luxury timepieces while the Rolex watches are most recognizable for their luxury watches. Thanks to Rolex’s extremely high product quality that allows users to extend the usage … Read more

Nixon Sentry Review


It is no surprise that fashion watches have been dominating the watch industry for quite some time. After all, if you’re looking for a timepiece that will accentuate your style without spending a hefty amount of money, this is a perfect option. One brand that has been in demand all over the globe for creating … Read more

Vincero Kairo Watch Review


If you are looking for a simple, classic, and minimalist looking watch, perfect for any occasion that will not cause you to spend too much, then you might want to check this article out!  With a mission to create top-notch luxury watches with the use of exquisite premium materials at a fair price, the Vincero … Read more

Bulova Sea King Review

bulova sea king review

If you’re searching for a new timepiece or the best professional diving instrument, you’ve come to the right place.  Bulova has a collection of new-in-box discontinued watches that you can choose from called the Bulova Sea King. This line is also composed of top-notch watches that depict excellent value for money. Bulova is a brand … Read more

Bulova Curv Review

Bulova Curv Review

If you’re on a search for a moon watch that will make you stand out and feel comfortable on the wrist, the Bulova Curv might be the watch you’re looking for. The Bulova Curv collection is known for its long history of firsts, specifically for being the world’s first curved chronograph movement. Ever since its … Read more

Bulova Precisionist Review

Looking for the most accurate chronograph watches for a reasonable price? Here is the Bulova Precisionist Review!

If you’re looking for the most accurate watches for a reasonable price, then you’ve come to the right place. Bulova’s significance and history have been recognized for having produced many watches for over a hundred years now. Not all brands do a good job at producing mechanical watches that can balance quality and affordability. So … Read more

Bulova Marine Star Chronograph Review

The Bulova Marine Star is a well-acclaimed collection that offers a wide range of chronograph timepieces with a dive watch’s design.  Not to mention, they only sell this for an affordable price, making it perfect for those looking for a watch on a budget. Therefore, we created a Bulova Marine Star review to know more … Read more